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How to restore data from backup

Backups of your DrillBook data are stored to ZIP file. But it is a ZIP file what can be used only in the DrillBook! It si not possible to open ZIP from DrillBook with 3rd party application. Application as WinRAR, WinZIP does not open the file from DrillBook!

For data recovery, use the Tools – Data Recovery menu and look for a backup file.

How to backup data

Choose Tools – Backup, select the backup type and path where you want to save the backup.

Save your backups away from your computer’s hard drive, such as a flash drive or cloud storage (DROPBOX, GOOGLE DRIVE, ONE DRIVE).

We recommend backing up data after every use of the DrillBook.

Bug DrillBook Professional Startup stop working

The error may be caused by an update or a non-standard shutdown of Windows or other non-standard operations. In this case, the file Filemanager.xmlthat stores the data structure is usually broken. In case you have Drillbook 2.9.3 and above verison installed, there is no worry that you will lose your date.

Try to uninstall the DrillBook first, restart the PC, download the latest version from the website, reinstall and run the DrillBook. If the error persists, proceed as follows.

  1. Do not run the DrillBook!
  2. To get the data operation, download and use Total Commander, see
  3. In Total Commander, allow hidden files to be displayed (Configuration – Options – Display – Show hidden files)
  4. Find the path to the DrillBook data folder: c:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Euro4\Drillbook Profesional StartUp\\Data\
  5. Back up the whole Drillbook Profesional StartUp folder!
  6. Open the Backup folder and make sure you have backup configuration files, such as FileManager_0006.~xml
  7. Compare the file size and the last file before any major resizing will be the last undamaged backup, copy this file to your work directory anywhere on your hard drive.
  8. Back up the (damaged) file FileManager.xml from the Data folder to the same location. You can check if the file is broken when you compare the size. Broken FileManager.xml will be smaller then backup configuration.
  9. To Data folder copy the last undamaged file, in this case FileManager_0006.~xml, and rename it to FileManager.xml. This will overwrite the original, corrupted file.
  10. Run the DrillBook and activate it.

If this tutorial did not solve this problem, please contact us via Helpdesk.

How to transfer license to new PC

1. Update DrillBook.
2. Backup your data.
3. Select menu Help – License transfer and deactivate your license. Save Serial number, visible after deactivation. PC has to be connected to internet while deactivation proceeding. 
4. Install DrillBook to the new computer and activate it.  

In case of a computer loss, theft or permanent damage, please contact us (use this Helpdesk) and send us your Serial number (or number of order or registration email). Based on this data, we will deactivate your activation account and you will be available activate DrillBook again on a new PC.

How to activate DrillBook

Start DrillBook, select Help – Activation menu, select language, sport and place there your serial number. During activation you computer HAS TO BE CONNECTED to the internet.

Save your serial number safety for license transfer or communication with customer support. Without serial number, number of order or e-mail used when shopping we are providing customer support. 

How to install DrillBook

Use Download menu on the

Download and run instalation file with the name drillbook.exe. Use tutorial during instalation.

DrillBook is usable on computers with Windows 7 and above only.

It doesnt work on MacOS! If you want to use DrillBook on MacOS, you need to install Windows to your Apple cumputer using BootCamp, or virtual machine via Paralles Desktop, Vmware or VirtualBox.

Read topic How to use DrillBook on MacBook.

How to use DrillBook on MacBook

DrillBook is working on Windows only. You can use MacBook Air with Windows on MacBook via Bootcamp, Parallels Desktop, Vmware or VirtualBox (recommend).

  1. Install VirtualBox from Oracle to your MacBook.
  2. Install VirtualBox Extension Pack.
  3. Install Windows on VirtualBox platform.
  4. Use Devices – Insert Guest Additon CD image menu and install drivers.
  5. Install DrillBook on Windows.